GAC Pindar - a step ahead as Brexit looms

With breathing space until the possible new Brexit day of 22nd May, GAC Pindar presented important advice to delegates of the Supply Chain Conference, held as part of the inaugural British Marine Expo, in Southampton this Tuesday, 26th March.

Beth King, Operations Manager for GAC Pindar, highlighted some golden rules for how UK businesses in the marine industry, and sailors alike, can prepare for cross border events this summer. With the Brexit process currently in a Westminster deadlock, it is clear that it is more important than ever to come to the right people for advice.

As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), appointed by HM Revenue & Customs, GAC UK is a trusted customs clearance service provider. This internationally recognised quality mark, together with extensive knowledge of clearing complex goods globally and access to the latest updates from HMRC, means that GAC Pindar is well equipped to help clear murky post-Brexit waters.

In 2018, the GAC UK Fiscal team completed 10,000 export declarations, 6,000 import declarations and 1,500 community transit declarations: “For exporters in particular, if a no deal Brexit scenario becomes a reality the significant increase in demand for transit under CTC (Common Transit Convention) and the value of guarantees required to meet those volumes, is considerably underestimated” said Beth King to delegates of the Expo. “Companies should seriously consider how they will manage these transits either by appointing a Freight Forwarder like GAC who can provide transit declarations through NCTS or applying for their own guarantee and registering as an authorised consignor.”

“All UK companies who are in the import / export business, whether they are VAT registered or not, should be taking important steps such as applying for an EORI number, ensuring INCOTerms are stated in your contracts, have your products classified with the correct HS Codes and appoint an AEO approved customs representative. Above all, manage your expectations – be realistic.”

Ian Cooke, CEO of C-Quip Ltd and President Elect, British Marine was in the audience on Tuesday and said; “In a fast moving and highly uncertain time, preparation is key to business. Transport of product and services is core to success and we rely heavily on the knowledge and support available to us through shipping partners. GAC Pindar was kind enough to share some of its expertise with the UK Marine Industry at the 2019 Supply Chain Conference held during this week’s British Marine EXPO in Southampton, offering guidance on specific issues and helping to get BM members that bit more prepared for whatever comes next”.

In the first issue of GAC Pindar’s newsletter ‘The Migrator’, released prior to the British Marine Expo, the team gives background to the three possible Brexit scenarios and how each might affect even the simplest of cross-border movements. “Being as well prepared as possible, whatever the outcome of Brexit, is the biggest piece of advice that we can give our customers. For this summer at least, preparation will be the key to as hassle free a season as possible. For those sailors taking UK boats and/or associated equipment into Europe for the 2019 season, as we cannot foresee what the customs landscape will be at the point of return, we strongly advise owners to ensure they have a complete paperwork trail of ownership and UK VAT paid status. The rest should be plain sailing, but we are very happy to advise you on your specific requirements,” comments Jeremy Troughton, GAC Pindar’s General Manager.

In addition to the many benefits associated with being a trusted Customs clearance service provider, GAC Pindar also uses ASM Sequoia, a state-of-the-art, high performance customs clearance platform that connects with CHIEF and all the port community systems, in this way they are able to process clearances at all UK ports from any office location, as well as provide advice on alternative customs procedures, duty and tax relief scenarios. In order to meet the increased service demands, the GAC UK Fiscal team is gearing up to 24/7, 365 day customs submission support. Full details as well as the GAC UK Guide to Preparing for Brexit are all available in this month’s ‘The Migrator’. To sign up for this regular newsletter just fill in your details here.