Lateral Introduce Esquel - 105m Expedition Vessel

EsquelIntroducing Esquel - 105m expedition vessel

Esquel is a meteorite found near a Patagonian town of the same name, in Argentina, and is the perfect composite of solid metal and translucent crystals, an alluring and highly prized combination.

The journey of Esquel, from its origins in the furthest reaches of space, to a rare destination on Earth is the inspiration behind our latest project, in collaboration with Oceanco, Bozca Design, Gina Brennan and Pelorus Expeditions.

Esquel is a yacht designed to journey to remote and remarkable destinations whilst experiencing the tensions between pure comfort and enterprising expeditions, exploring the world far beyond conventional comfort zones. Esquel is equipped with a state-of-the-art compact diesel electric propulsion architecture; ultimate engineering to allow uncompromised and autonomous operation throughout the world.

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