Owen Superyacht Marketing: Rebrand, Reload and Rethink

Getting to grips with the fast moving marketing challenges, from multi-channel to customer journey mapping and more...
Before I get into the details of the new way forward for Owen Superyacht Marketing have a careful think about the blog post here from Brian Solis:

The new Kodak Moment is when your customers change, and you don't  

"There was a time when the words, “Kodak moment” meant something powerful and nostalgic. They were the epitome of a brand and the relationship between consumer and product. Today, the Kodak moment means something completely different. From now on, the Kodak moment will be taught in business school and shared by consultants, authors and speakers everywhere as the moment when businesses and executives miss technology trends and ultimately what consumers value.''

The world of marketing in the Marine and superyacht sector has seen quite a few 'Kodak Moments' over the last fifteen years or so, the time span illustrated by one of our own marketing slogans ''Owens, digital veterans since 1996''. Things have changed and is gathering pace in all forms of communication, especially marketing and sales.
I believe the main job of an independent marketing business is to see the 'Kodak Moment' way ahead of our customers and have all the tools and processes in place to catch the wave.
One good way of being in the right place for our clients is to practice what we preach. Owens find out exactly who our customers are and do the research on what they need and expect and where they look to make final purchasing decisions for marketing services.
The key word here is 'research'. The more you do research on your target market, the more surprised you will be. Our research into our overall customer base, that's marine and superyacht plus Pharma, automotive, shopping centres, fizzy drinks, cruise industry etc etc., came up with a completely new 'play book'.
For our full service agency the loud feedback said ''We need an agency that offers 'no-nonsense, no-compromise'. Nobody wants to hear how clever you are or your 'market experience', just what a marketing business can do for the clients enabling them to move ahead and create a real differential with their competitors. Yes, we need all the clever tools in our toolbox and the specialists teams to deliver."
Across all our markets, especially the marine and superyacht sector, the message was the same. So in January 2018 we rolled out a fresh new 'storefront' with new websites and marketing offerings designed to match the demands that our research shouted out loudly to us.
Owen Superyacht Marketing has the right 'ticks' in the box. Huge experience, a body of work more than most, if not all, others in this sector and a tested team able to do most things a marketing department wants including powerful, cost saving media buying and top level creative. But our research clearly concludes our clients also want something quite different. They want to use all the new digital tools and channels and find fresh ways to influence the decision makers.

A new alignment

Harbour News from Owen Superyacht MarketingWhat we decided to do for our re-launch was to pool our group resources and at the same time focus on what we want to concentrate on with our Owen Superyacht Marketing proposition. This is to deliver for our customers a unique blend of content material that is precisely targeted to each of your chosen channels, tailored with the right message in the correct tone-of-voice. Custom-made content is essential for all channels, from paid-for advertising, both print and on line, and especially with blogs and social media. Very often the targets are different but the aggregate effect is to create the differential and engage the sales target and those that influence them.
For our client Hill Robinson Yacht Management we research, write and produce an 80 page superyacht news magazine called HarbouR news, distributed widely twice a year across global targets as a printed magazine plus worldwide digital distribution. The content and copy is carefully tailored so it can be re-purposed for blogs, posts and all social media channels. This publication is just one example of how accurate, bespoke content is the fuel that drives the multi-channel marketing machine.
This is the online flip-book version, have a look through  hwww.owenmarine.uk/HarbouRnewsAutumn2017
Our clients may ask us for research, so we engage our in-group team to help put together a package. For other clients we run training workshops to harness their social media requirements. Clients are getting wise to the advantages of creating customer personas and looking at journey-mapping against detailed analytics for their websites. There is branding and Customer Experience branding (CX) to consider. This is all in a days work  for our non-marine clients like Honda, PepsiCo, Brittany Ferries and many other blue chip customers of the Owen group.
You are invited to have a look around the Owen Group. 
Our superyacht website www.owensuperyachtmarketing.com
And to see our four support agencies who help us with our superyacht Special Projects, go to RBMS International Limited www.rbms.co
Roy Roberts