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Active Research Ltd

Actisense™, the market-leading brand from Active Research Limited, is synonymous with excellence in smart sensors, underwater acoustics and NMEA interconnection.
Drawing on over 15 years of specialist experience in the design of DSP software and hardware, we have developed a wide range of Actisense™ products – NMEA interfaces, depth sounders and cables – that are unique in the marine marketplace in their quality and sophistication. 
Our enviable world-wide reputation for supplying smarter marine electronics solutions has been achieved through:

• Intelligent design
• Exacting manufacturing standards
• The highest levels of service

Our innovative design approach, embracing real world echo capture and simulation, has enabled us to hone and perfect our unique depth-sounding algorithm. This now forms the calculating heart of depth sounding devices from many of the world’s major international marine electronics brands.
Actisense. Smarter solutions. A more sensible choice.

Actisense intelligent 
sensors and interfaces. Smarter solutions that make more sense.

Products and services

  • NMEA Multiplexers
  • NMEA Buffers
  • Opto isolation cables
  • NMEA autoswicthes
  • NMEA 2000 gateway
  • USB Serial isolators

Latest News

10 September 2017 - Austrian Company t-matix links-up data from Actisense Products

Actisense, the multi-award winning NMEA specialists, have recently cooperated with Austrian Tech company t-matix solutions to make information gathered by their products accessible online in real-time.

10 September 2017 - Actisense to host manufacturer training at NMEA Conference

Award-winning NMEA specialists, Actisense, are set to host a Manufacturer Training Session at the 2017 NMEA International Marine Electronics Conference & Expo in Seattle, Washington.