Magma Structures Ltd

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United Kingdom

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Magma Structures Ltd

Magma Structures provide world-class structural engineering expertise and flexible manufacturing resources to deliver some of the biggest and most challenging global composite projects.

The company has a number of confidential orders to build some of the world’s most technical and innovative, free-standing carbon composite masts in excess of 100 metres, which will be among the tallest rigs to have been built.

Magma Structures undertakes all the structural engineering design, prototyping, test, and build of the highly technical rigs as well as commissioning the rigs, controls, sails, automation and monitoring systems.

The highly experienced team leading Magma Structures built the world’s largest free-standing DynaRig for the superyacht Maltese Falcon, as well as a number of ground-breaking architectural structures in carbon composites.

Products and services

  • Composite Masts
  • Large complex composite struct

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